The Acoma House
1114 Acoma Street
Denver, CO
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At our extraordinary lodging in Denver, artistic expressions extend far beyond the rooms. Our exterior mural, mechanical room, and even the laundry room are all masterfully designed by local artists. Every corner of our space tells a captivating story, inviting you to explore the depths of creativity while enjoying a truly unique stay. Immerse yourself in the artistry that surrounds you and discover a new level of inspiration and appreciation for the local talent that shapes our vibrant community.


Our centenarian building has a history of its own, and it's over a hundred years old. This was home to Denver's original boarding house, and served as a first stop in Denver where young and old would stay. It's a home filled with dreams from early explorers seeking a new life in the mile high city.

Fast forward a hundred years, and the building was reimagined and renovated by husband and wife team Michael and Christina. Michael had his heart set on the building for years before his ultimate acquisition in 2019, and he battled an epic Colorado snow storm to appeal to the former owner.
Michael is an artist at heart, and he had the vision to make The Acoma House the most “instagramable spot in Denver.” Christina worked tirelessly to bring the design of the building up to her standards, and she worked hand in hand with each artist involved. She chose all lighting, decor, and staging items after the artist was finished. One of her unforgettable memories was saving abandoned turtles in the building when ownership changed hands.
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Christina Eisenstein

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